President suggests three-point approach to NAM to tackle COVID-19

06 May, 2020 | Source: Antara News

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has thrown strong light on three steps that the Non-Alignment Movement (NAM) can prioritize to handle the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Firstly, strengthen political solidarity among us, as we can win this battle only through cooperation," he remarked while addressing a virtual NAM Summit from the Bogor Presidential Palace in West Java on Monday night.

To this end, the president urged NAM member states to entirely channel their energy and time toward addressing the COVID-19 challenge.

"Secondly, translate political solidarity into concrete cooperation. We must struggle for fair and timely access to the COVID-19 drug and vaccine at affordable prices," he noted.

To this end, the president reiterated the significance of applying the flexible regime of patent and intellectual property rights related to drugs and vaccines.

Furthermore, the president pressed for efforts to bolster cooperation in restoring the global medical product and food supply chain.

"Third, strengthen global partnership among developing nations. We need to voice and struggle for developmental and humanitarian assistance commitment, debt relief, and (deferred) debt repayment obligation from official creditors and reallocate the fund to finance the handling of COVID-19," he stated.

The president stressed on the need to realize the commitment of the Group of Twenty (G20) to defer debt repayment obligation of low-income nations.

The head of state reiterated that multilateralism should remain the basis for establishing international cooperation.

"Looking ahead, developing countries must struggle to improve global health governance, so we will be better prepared to handle the pandemic in future," he stated.

Jokowi recalled the establishment of NAM 59 years ago to fight against the common enemy of imperialism and neo-colonialism. He pointed out that presently, COVID-19 was the common enemy of NAM member states.

The president averred that NAM member states should act in a swift, accurate, and strategic manner to deal with the pandemic that is still far from abating.

The virtual NAM Summit coincided with the commemoration of NAM′s 60th anniversary and 65 years of Dasasila Bandung (Ten Principles) formulated at the Asia-Africa Conference in 1955.



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